Harry Brownstein is a freelance video editor and post-production specialist based in New York City. 
A graduate of Emerson College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Post-Production, Harry immersed himself in the world of post when he began cutting home movies of friends and family as a child. During his tenure at Emerson, Harry was a notable face in the student film community, often advising students on post-production workflow, proper storage solutions and on-set media management, as well as editing thesis films and other independent student projects. His tenacity coupled with a longstanding passion for the subject led to invaluable internship opportunities with the Editing Operations department at ABC News in New York City and the Skycastle/LX.TV group at NBCUniversal in Los Angeles. 
After finishing his studies in May 2016, Harry began working as a freelance media ingest specialist and assistant editor at ABC News and A+E Networks in New York. Since 2018, he has been with the ABC News Post-Production and Distribution Operations team, currently holding the title of Digital Operations Manager. Always looking to expand his creative abilities and make new connections, Harry continues to work on creative projects on the side. 
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