Harry Brownstein is a freelance video editor and post-production specialist based in New York City. In addition to collaborating on independent projects, Harry also freelances in post-production operations at ABC News and as an Assistant Editor in the promos department of A+E Networks. 
A graduate of Emerson College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Post-Production, Harry immersed himself in the world of post when he began cutting home movies of friends and family as a child. During his tenure at Emerson, Harry was a notable face in the film community, often advising students on post-production workflow, proper storage solutions and on-set media management, as well as editing thesis films and other independent student projects. His tenacity coupled with a longstanding passion for the subject led to invaluable internship opportunities with Boston-based IT solutions firm Continuum Managed Services, the Edit Operations department at ABC News in New York City, and the Skycastle/LX.TV team at NBCUniversal in Los Angeles. 
While an editor first, Harry has experience in other facets of post-production including sound design, sound mixing, color correction, and title design, as well as post-production supervision and coordinating. 
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