Consult. Cut. Create. 
These days, editorial is more than just cutting. Harry noticed this very early on his career. In addition to furthering his creative abilities, Harry familiarized himself with the latest technical trends that have advanced editorial to where it is today. More than just a creative force in the edit room, Harry has become adept to assisting producers, directors, and other key personnel in the procurement and implementation of proper post-production solutions for their projects. 
Consult Meet with producers, director, cinematographer, and on-set media manager (sometimes known as a DIT, digital imaging technician) prior to principal photography to discuss proper storage solutions and best practices for on-set media management that fit the project’s budget and shooting format. Outline a post-production schedule and roadmap with director, DoP, and post-production personnel as needed (i.e. sound mixer/designer, composer, visual effects artists, and colorist). 
Cut Meet with director after first rough cut is assembled. Compare notes and begin to set realistic deadlines. For projects with original music, scenes with musical accompaniment will receive high priority for the composer to begin their work. 
Create Project reaches picture lock and is properly exported to specification for audio post, visual effects, and color. Once all assets are complete and returned, Harry will oversee the final composite and quality-control check. Project is exported to specifications requested by production for deliverables (festivals, broadcast, web, etc.).
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